When electricity freezes…

Now that the tribe has been going strong for a few months there are times when the phrase, “Fuck Ya!”, gets tossed around too lightly.  Today is not one of those days.  My bloody phone froze. It did not get cold and finicky, it actually fucking froze and stopped operating.  I couldn’t get a drink of tea after the workout.  Why? My lid was frozen the fuck shut.  It was -31 this morning and the speed with which we ran up that hill today created a hell of a wind chill.  We have tribe members that ran to the spot today, they did not use seat heaters and automatic car starters, they showed up with icicles on their faces.  We had 2 people wake up this morning and say, “I’ve never been to November Project before but it’s -30 and the suns not up, so why the fuck not today!”.  Basically what it boils down to is this, we have collected an amazing group of people who know what living life is all about.  If I was a business owner I would show up to recruit all of you.  So today we ran hills, did pushups/situps/burpees/squats, gave Bob the positivity award because he is fucking awesome, swore at Ference for making us run up an ice hill and did a bunch of hugging.  But the thing that we did that trumps everything… we just showed up.  FUCK YA!     af

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2 Replies to “When electricity freezes…”

  1. Thank You to the entire “Tribe” and yes, that does include you too Andrew, for ALL your inspiration, dedication, and determination. The tribe is strong, we are weather proof, and we will never give up!!! Thank you to our tireless Team Leaders Jen, Nadim and Andrew, you should be commended for your dedication to the tribe! I am honored to receive the “Positivity Award”, and will display it proudly for the upcoming week!

  2. Way to earn it Bob! I’m glad that I can get out there with you in our frigid weather and kick some ass. Thanks to our leaders and our tribe mates for showing up every week to make that happen.

    Show off that award with pride buddy! 

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