When a verbal is dropped by Andrew Ference, he sets the example….


So, you might know him as the ‘Hockey Player’….but I call him homey Andrew.  He finally showed up, when he said he would, and as some of the NP peeps would say, the dude’s calves have calves, he crushed the stairs, so we got him on the core! Shout out to the dude for doing what he said and showing up, your alright!

One thing that’s just truly amazing….we really aren’t made of sugar, we really are human beings.  Rain or shine, we show up, we bounce, and we become stronger, faster, and more fierce. Every Monday and Wednesday morning we are making a change, a movement, a statement.  So YYC, while we steal YEG’s pro hockey player, remember that you are just as human as he is, while he could easily come up with some excuse, he doesn’t, while he could say he has something else to do, he won’t, while he could be somewhere else, he didn’t.  He got up, showed up, and what we all did. This is where I drop the classic November Project statement….We all have excuses, and they allllllll stink!  So don’t think about it, just do it, don’t worry about it, just go for it, don’t dream about it, make it!

Our piece of an ore was given out today, to someone with the sweetest intentions, the quietest bark, and the softest voice.  Oh don’t be fooled by any of that, this girl, this woman, she is one feisty chick.  She shows up, she takes down stairs, like Andrew, don’t even get me started on core!  I think people meet her, and she’s like that really cute girl, that smiles, and seems so innocent, and then once they try to run next to her, she throws down her punch, and kicks it up a notch.   She’s strong, she’s amazing, she kicks some serious ass, she is fierce, she is a Cristina, and she is November Project Calgary.



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