So today, Monday August 10th, we sing Happy Birthday to Rally Car Pete, while bikes fly over head!  Without a hitch, first shot, and we nailed it.  I am totally talking about the song, everyones pitch was incredible.

Then we workout, we got sweaty, we gave each other high fives.  Ok, lets really break it down, today for some reason, the energy was alive, the smiles were so bright the sun was wearing sunglasses….see what I did there.  For real though, today was epic, everyone was lit up, and just ready to take on the world with their bare hands.  It was some fierce humans that showed up, even our very own Dan who was away for the month of July, but had only one excuse as to why he was late, he showed up at the usual Monday spot and forgot to check the social media for the change of location, so he ran to the new spot! Calgary, seriously fierce humans, doing fierce things!

Two things to remember, one, bring a black or dark coloured shirt to the top of the memorial stairs in Crescent Heights tomorrow for a special spray down with some special paint for Wednesday’s ninja workout, one time only, for a one time only event to go down Wednesday.

So at the skate park, it was weird, there were things dudes on BMX bikes, and skate boards, doing cool things on ramps and hills, so we asked them to do something cool while we take a picture, bam, you get that epic shot.

Well November Project Calgary, get some Zzzz’s, and rest up, get ready for that craziness we call Wednesday Morning at 6:15AM….do whats right, what you know in your hear to be true, and #justshowup.




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