Jen Wants Jazz Hands (VB)

Jen Wants Jazz Hands.. Jen Gets Jazz Hands

Today was awesome. Today we found our inner compass. We found inner peace. We found out that no matter how far you travel – (North, East, South, or West) – You always come back home.. and then you plank until your friends get back.

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We also found out that the sunrise is getting later? Oh No! That means that fall is around the corner. This also means that the sunrises during the workout will be more EPIC. It also means that we will be literally waking up the sun for real (#wakeupthesun). It also means football, back to school (shopping), and pumpkin flavored everything is right around the corner. Giddy Up.

For now, lets enjoy the last month of summer.


Chris won the #NP_Hero cape for his super fast legs and unreal motivation to push your hardest no matter if its the first hill, stair, sprint of the day Or if its the last of the day.

Jen earned the Positivity Award. She is one of the nicest people and always has a smile on her face no matter what. She also hails from somewheah in Massachusetts so I knew from day one that she was wicked good people. I just didn’t know how good. Jen is great. I couldn’t be happier that she got the Positivity Award today. I think I speak for the tribe when I say there are just certain people that make the workouts better because they #justshowup and certain people that have that something extra.


Announcements –

A) Yearbook Photos / Mug Shots are coming up. Practice your straight face, Slack Jaw, Comb your hair, Don’t Comb your hair. Do all of this in front of a mirror over the next couple weeks. This is very important.

B) Come out Saturday afternoon/evening to Sandbridge and support Sara while she plays her last  live music event at Sandbridge Island Restaurant from 3-6PM ? Idk check the November Project VB Social page  or ask Sara for more details.

See you all soon, Spread Love, Recruit Everyone and have a great week!

Love Red

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