Brogan Graham’s Diary: A typical morning with NPSF

In an effort to overcome his addiction to Instagram, our beloved November Project cofounder, Brogan Graham, dabbles his hand at a live diary for the week. Here’s how Monday mornings go for Brogan Graham when he visits that group of fast cats up north by the Bay.

5:25AM: Alarm goes off. Roll over in my Lombard St AirBnB bed. Sigh in disappointment when I realise Bojan isn’t there beside me yet. Only one more day left away from my East Coast sweetheart.

5:35AM: Drink 1 gallon of coffee and inhale 17 Luna bars. Still hungry. Bring a bunch of bananas for the road to the workout.

5:50AM: Practicing my freestyling trick-flips, kick-backs and backside frontslides along the Marina Green. Trying to mimic #JustClayton’s mad skills. Fall twice. Look around. Thankfully no one saw it. Street cred = Intact!

dan skatboard

6:06AM: Get accosted by two of the infamous renegade #TweenerGang for a pop-up pull-ups workout near Fort Mason. Check out the number of times the #FuckItImJoiningTheRenegadeTweenerGang hashtag on Instagram. Realise no-one’s used it before. Fuck Yeah. Originality. Post to Instagram.

6:29AM: Patty O’Hanahans gathers the Tribe in around him. Think he directs an introduction towards me. Must remember to hire that interpreter when McCloskey is away. Introduce myself as #SteveNews. No-one recognises my name. Note to self: need to work on my Instagram post reach.

6:52AM: Recruit 7 random European tourists walking the pier to join the Tinder workout. Take selfie with small dog. Do 14 burpees. Swipe right for remainder of the workout.


7:01AM: Overhear some of the Tribe’s attempts at pre-sprint compliments and breakup excuses. “Mm yeah I have to go milk my cat”. “You have a smile of a serial killer”. “I need to sneak back into my cell”. “You’re the sweatiest girl I’ve ever met”. Sweatiest girl? Oh dude, wait ’til you meet Ashleigh Voychick!

7:14AM: After watching  “Westwood & Kunkle’s NPSF Intro to Hugging 101”, I realise my hugging form is off point. Must use more hips. Send Instagram PM to @bmandaric to schedule a hugging practice tomorrow.

7:28AM: Instagram notification… @themcchronicles with a sarcastic response on my last 4 Instaposts. It’s like she’s right here beside me!

7:35AM: Find a tiny Lillian Lingham sized spear on the Aquatic Park Pier. Do 37 one-armed shoulder presses with the spear. But only the left arm. It’s my photogenic side. Realise that we have another Instagram post opportunity. I hear @t invented the internet, so ask him to grab the shot. Clearly no competition for my #Dooster_Pledge though.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.04.41 AM

7:37AM: Walk with that incomprehensible Irishman towards coffee. Whilst standing in line, talk to a nice random lady about middle names, bra-sizes, Christianity and kick-flips. Try to recruit her for Wednesday’s workout. She verballed. Always. Recruiting.

8:10AM: Leave coffee shop and bird-man the nice random lady on the way out. She looks confused.

8:12AM: Get bored of the diary and go back to scheduling every moment of my day through Instagram. Is it worth all that shit I get from McCloskey? Fuck it, I’ll live with that.

Join BG, Bojan and NPSF tribe members, Brandon and Liz for the Tuesday and Thursday 6:30PM North Face Mountain Athletics workouts. You know all those non-morning risers SF friends of yours that you’ve struggled to get out to NPSF. Well get them out to one of these PM workouts with Brandon and Liz. This will without doubt suck them into the #freefitness revolution. And then, deliver the sucker punch by bringing them out to NPSF one of these mornings.

WEDNESDAY: Alta Plaza Park. 5:30AM and 6:24AM.

FRIDAY: We continue our exploration of the hills and trails of San Francisco. Potential new spot to be hit. Location to be announced on Wednesday.



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