What’s the date? (YEG)

The warm air this morning made me feel like it was April 20 out there this morning. It’s often still dark then, and we wouldn’t be at the stadium yet. So, what time of year was it? I don’t know what is going on, but I’ll enjoy every last one of these warm days before we have to start thinking about badge days.  
Did anyone else find it strange that there was a 30-step pocket of cold air on the stairs? Can someone in a lab coat explain this to me? Is it really just a pocket of cold air floating in between the top and the bottom of the stairs? Or is this one of those things like when the pool water gets warmer in a certain area?

Just a  reminder for everyone that there are people sleeping in buildings at the top of the stairs that are closer to us than we think. And while we may think we’re being quiet, tehy can hear our chatter, our car alarms and even the sound of our doors closing. And for those that park at the bottom, keep in mind that people use the lot for work. Ideally, we’re all having a bit of a run commute to the stairs so we can be good neighbours to everyone who lives or uses the space too.

Friday is still a collection day for Sox Box and Winter clothes. If you have anything, we’d love to add it to the stash. As always, whether you bring something or not, showing up to sweat with us, is and always will be the most important thing. (Fun is #2 and then safety comes after that… in case you were wondering)

Halloween Week

We’re going to get ahead of this and tell you all to go get a pumpkin for the workout on Monday October 29. It will greatly enhance your workout. For those that like to procrastinate, last time we did this, pumpkins were sold out the weekend before halloween and most people ended up with their best effort at a pumpkin. And in case you’re wondering, persimmons and squash aren’t pumpkins. You may also want to hang on to those for the workout on Wednesday. 

Find the Good,


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