What’s in a name? (SD)

Names are interesting. Your parents start thinking of what they want to call you before they’ve even seen you. Then you’re born and given this identity. You spend the rest of your life being John, or Timmy, or Blue, or North (what… seriously…why). And then one day you roll up to November Project and it all becomes clear – that name was given to you as a blueprint for this one workout.

And you run, burpee, superman, and squat through those letters of the alphabet, creating a workout that is as unique to you as that name you carry around. And you smile. Or your curse your parents for putting so many double letters in your name (Kellie Ellermann anyone??).

Speaking of your parents. We gave the Positivity Award this morning to a parent. A mom, who up until 2 weeks prior to giving birth kept coming to workout. And now, 8 weeks later and one baby belly lighter – she’s back. That’s impressive. I don’t care how many times in the history of the world women give birth, the entire thing is still mind blowing (and terrifying) to me. Welcome back Sus!


– The date you’ve been waiting for: Friday, April 8th. This is how it goes down – you show up HERE at 12PMish, wearing #grassrootsgear. At 12:20 on the nose we bounce and do a Sebastian, flash mob style. At 12:27 you disappear back to where you came from. The news may or may not be there. This may or may not be one of the weirder, funnier, more awesomer things you ever do in your entire life. Plan for it now. Do not miss it. 


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