What We’re Grateful For (Ottawa)

Good morning, YOWzers! Thank you for sharing your morning with us. We are grateful for Wednesday mornings filled with people like you who think that running up and down stairs in the pouring rain with very limited daylight is a fun activity. We are grateful that you keep showing up, and bringing friends, and convincing those friends that running up and down stairs in the pouring rain with very limited daylight is a fun activity.

In between those fun sets of stairs today, you shared with us all the things that you are grateful for. As you can tell by the following pictures (and by the very wet clothes you were wearing), it started raining quite heavily… making the interpretation of these beautiful tributes slightly more interesting. We did our best – please feel free to comment below with any corrections or additions of what you are grateful for!

Grateful for… a loving partner, James, NP, sunrise, fall colours, my son, granddaughter (we think?), rain, sunset, and our co-leaders (aw, thanks!)
Grateful for.. family, stairs, vacation, tea? or possibly teammates? (both seem like good options), advanced green lights (so true), naps (definitely), strong dark coffee, the sun (presumably), coffee and friends, luke or loke or lake?, sunshine, something in yellow that ends in -ts… maybe parents?, NP, gardens, turkey

Grateful for… farmers, morning rain & pain (possibly?), 5 year olds, the fall colours, family laundry (is that right?), kids, volunteers, rain, free healthcare, rain again, outdoors, coffee, sunshine, my parents, tea
(also something in yellow and blue at the very top… help, please!)
Grateful for… NP friends, pure kitchen, outside workouts, hikes with friends, NP, buffs, trees, family… and something else in yellow?? (sorry!)

Grateful for… this land, vaccines, yoga, 4 seasons, family, vaccines again!, fall colours, vaccines x3, friends, water, Rory, health

Oh dear, this is getting a bit dicey. Grateful for… morning workouts with *someone* and chalaine?, awesome weather, fall, friends, activists, fall leaves (probably), something about calves and family
Grateful for… when you can’t tell if it’s rain or sweat? Maybe?, bagels, NP family, family, smudges of various colours

Please help.

Thanks for reading. Or trying to read. We may have mentioned this already, but we are grateful for YOU and we are glad that you’re here.

Rebecca & Becca


  1. Next week we are NOT in the stadium. Meet at Aberdeen. BRING A BACKPACK PLEASE.
  2. Only a few more days to vote for your favourite buffs! If you made it this far in the blog, you definitely have time to go check them out. https://november-project.com/the-10th-anniversary-buff-design-contest/?fbclid=IwAR3kDuTkfiPcQKPxt5xPydW-Wyr9x_i6Tx0gW8EGVXBfg0yfWVfzR2R1E7A
  3. Pet a dog.
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