What Was That!? (BOS)

One thing that I learned after 12 years on knowing BG is when this sort of text message pops on my phone, all I have to do is bring my fully charged camera with the largest memory card that I own, and make sure that my wife is within 30 minutes of my location as she may have to come to bail me out of jail. Luckily the second part wasn’t necessary this morning but the camera saw some good action.

Folks I sad it once, and I’ll keep repeating it until the day I die, Mondays are hands down my favorite workouts! I love the run to and back from the location. I love the weirdness, corkiness, and badassness? of the workouts. I love to see people’s faces go from confused – while describing the workout, transition into “I’m still not so sure about this” – during the workout, to just a genuine ear-to-ear smile after we’re done.

I can try to describe what we did this morning but I wouldn’t do it justice and more importantly it wouldn’t make any sense. All I can tell you is that things like plastic eggs, gorilla walks, cartwheels, summersaults, planks, dogs and 5-year-olds were involved in one way or the other. Also I would like to state that no dogs or 5-year-olds were harmed during this workout.

Bottom line is this morning was amazing, largely due to the beautiful mind of Brogan Graham, but it wouldn’t be as epic if we didn’t have over 200 faces from all over our wonderful city paired up with the visitors from LA, DC, and Edmonton. Happy Monday to everyone and we’ll see you at the stadium in few days.


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