The Oar Handle Rows Itself

(Or that time our #positivityaward winner wrote us an interpretive poem about the oar handle)

Meet Tom. Tom is the epitome of NP. Tom is strong, Tom gives great hugs, Tom encourages everyone around him, Tom loves to #raceeverything, and Tom is (like the rest of NP) unique. So it’s no wonder Tom won the #positivityaward a few weeks ago. And in true Tom fashion, wrote us a very interesting piece. We love you Tom.

Oar Handle Rows Itself

I was awakened at 1:30AM last night to the November Project oar handle being whisked off the mantle from the wind. It was raining. I actually had to shut the windows as rain was coming in. Getting a bit excited over there are you oar handle? Wind, rain, storm…..your glorious hour.

Now morning I planned a run up to Soledad Mt. Oar handle, lead the way. I’ve done this run several times but never with you oar handle. It was still dark, blustery and cold out but things were very warm, colorful and bright after this horrific overnight storm we faced here in lovely San Diego:
– Sidewalked, fallen palm fronds smiled as oar handle and I came by.
– Trees swayed in unison.
– Hummingbirds buzzed about. (This is true).
– Uneven sidwewalks at each driveway leveled as I crossed them. No need to avoid.
-There was no traffic and each and every crosswalk had “Walk” displaying each way.
– Nothing on my body ached and I barely sweat.
– The sun was out only at the summit.
– Chanting Mt Soledad monks cheer as I round the circle and start my descent back.

Oar handle rowed itself to the top of this mountain and I was along for the ride. Thanks oar handle! (Translation: Thanks November Project tribe, a virtual oar handle is with us each time we arrive at Kate Sessions Park and at the Convention Center stairs and just by showing up we row ourselves to greater heights than Mt. Soledad. Big love. Tom pounds closed fist to chest over heart several times)


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