Guest Post: Lauren, the “full-fledged crazy running lady”

We’ve decided it’s about time we introduced you all to Lauren. This girl is the real deal, the cream of the crop, the queen of the AM. When she says she’s a “full-fledged crazy running lady” she is not joking… that statement is accurate as hell. But despite her running craziness, Lauren is tribe through and through.  She motivates us, challenges us, hugs us and loves this tribe like fat kids love funnel cake. We couldn’t be happier to have her here, sweating with us while the rest of our city sleeps. Lauren, do you girl, do you…

Hoisties for days
Hoisties for days

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a morning person. I love getting morning workouts in, but my night owl
tendencies don’t always make that happen. Even so, I haven’t missed a Wednesday morning November
Project Baltimore workout since showing up for the first time two months ago.

I’ve been an avid runner for over 2 years, running numerous races including my first full marathon in
the fall. I’m pretty much a full-fledged crazy running lady nowadays along with crossfitting twice a week (Crossfit Federal Hill shoutout!) and taking random fitness classes. Like many running enthusiasts, I first read about November Project when it was the cover story of Runner’s World. All I could think was“wow that seems awesome, I’m definitely attending a workout if I ever make it up to Boston”. It just seemed like so much fun without caring about if you are the fastest, best, or strongest person at the workout.

Lucky for me, I soon found out a Baltimore November Project tribe had formed. I finally attended one
cold Wednesday morning in February which happened to be an Olympic-themed workout with some
sweet cardboard medals for newbies in the pledge class like me! Besides, the fact that my friend Sarah was a part of the tribe, I knew I was coming back.

I knew I was truly a member of the tribe when I woke up and got dressed one Wednesday morning in
February without even reconsidering, even though the snow was coming down. I bundled up to work
out throughout the end of winter in the morning, just for fun.

I love getting sweaty at 6:30 AM with people followed by a bunch of sweaty hugs. The tribe keeps
growing stronger with more people showing up each week. I can’t wait to see how big it is by the end
of the summer. Even though I’ve only been a part of the tribe for a short amount of time, I’ve seen it become bigger & better, more involved in the Baltimore community, and more social.

This year I made goals, not resolutions, with the most important one being that I would be positive and do what makes me happy. A sort of cheesy carpe diem mantra for the year, I know. I just feel like not enough people are smiling and choosing happiness these days. Positivity breeds more positivity in your life. November Project does just that (#bmore_positive). I go workout with the tribe not just for the hard workouts and a good sweat, but for the laughs, smiles, hugs, and high-fives. I’m working out for the fun of it -not tracking how many miles I’m running, how many burpees I’ve done or how many steps I’ve climbed. I’m working out and running 6:30 AM on Wednesdays because I love meeting new people,giving hugs to strangers, laughing at all the antics, and leaving with a big smile.

There’s nothing that wakes you up more than bouncing with a group of people responding “Fuck, yeah!”
to the question “Ya’ll good?” at 6:30 AM. With a recruitment papers beer social and
more events on the way, I know that the tribe will only grow closer and stronger. The November Project Baltimore tribe #NP_BAL is strong and ready to take over the city.

I challenge you to #bmore_positive this year. Sweat more, hug more, and smile more.

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