What is this thing? (Ottawa)

Hi friends! Lots of recognition this morning. Birthday booms, PR chains, fastest male and female, positivity award. We do have a hard time explaining what this thing actually is, this November Project “thing”. Yes we run, yes we move, yes we do some body weight movements. But how to you explain this bounce thing, the feeling you get when you smile as soon as you see people walking up to the centennial flame, when you overcome the fear that comes from showing up to something new where you don’t know anyone, where you overcome uncertainty. How do you explain when you see people noticing how hard you are working, or how much you are improving. How do you explain the feeling of truly being part of something? Of being part of a community that gathers so gosh darn early and dark in the morning? It’s something special and something you can only experience when facing that fear or discomfort of showing up for the first time, or battling that feeling of showing up again instead of staying in bed. So we understand when you are telling people about it, it’s difficult to explain. They may have to experience it for themselves. Bring them along next week, we are at Parliament Hill. (Podcast below in announcements for more exploration on what this thing is with NP co-founder Brogan Graham).

PR day is a challenge we take on once a month, together, up and down that hill and stairs. It’s 25:01 minutes – how many loops can you do + however much time it takes to complete that last loop. Track that here !! https://tracking.november-project.com/events/11459 . Next month, we recognize those who got a PR, who improved their time, or increased their number of loops. So track that time to keep on pushing that time to beat.

Congratulations to Tom, our positivity award recipient, who accepted it with grace and indicated “everyone here deserves this”. And he is right. But today he was recognized for his commitment to the community to bring goodness, to bring encouragement, to bring smiles to the faces around him. Thank you for showing up Tom and for making this community better.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


  1. Christmas Day November Project Street Hockey game!!! Spread the word https://www.facebook.com/events/269964673921070/permalink/271602453757292/
  2. Progress tracker here https://tracking.november-project.com/events/11459
  3. Check out “Happily Ever Active” Podcast with Kelly Doell for interview with co-founder of November Project Brogan Graham
  4. Next week, Parliament hill
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