An Ode to BAL1

Many moons ago, when November Project Baltimore was born, our PR Day consisted of  six laps around Rash…. and that was it. It was speedy and hard but it did not necessarily feel like it incorporated all our NP FITNESS. A few years later came BAL1. BAL1 is H.A.R.D. And truly incorporates the specific NP fitness: stairs, burpees, running. It’s 30 minutes of puke-worthy effort. It also incorporates an important aspect of self improvement: it started with a tennis ball, gifted to the new folks at PR day. The idea was to write on your goal for a future PR on that ball. Carry it around: to work, to lunch, to the bar, to bed at night. Staring at that new goal would be a sort of self inspiration. A goal high enough that it would require some work, but provide motivation for the next time you drug yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn for the next PR day. 

While providing tennis balls to every newcomer and badass PR maker became too difficult for us to maintain, (WE ARENT ROGER FEDERER OK!), BAL1 remains something that consistently elevates everyone’s workout simulateously. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for 2 or 10, it has kicked our asses month after month for the last 3.5 years. 

Lucky for us, we have the chance to get our assess kicked TWO. MORE. TIMES. As our city begins its scheduled work on Rash Field in January of 2020, NP will be on the move from Rash Field and thus BAL1 will be retired from November Project Baltimore!! Because of the coming months travel and holiday alignment with PR day and because we missed last month’s PR day during light city we are publicizing your LAST TWO BAL1 PR DAYS: Wednesday November 20th & December 18th. This is not your excuse to snooze the alarm for whatever reason…this is your chance to get your game face on,  get out here, push yourself and each other to reach that last goal. 

We all have PR Day stories to tell and we want to hear yours. Leave your goal in the comments and we promise to get the music pumping, the high fives warmed up to push you to your limits!! Never been to PR day before?! These are your last two chances to see what this workout is all about..!! 

x’s and boh’s


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