What is happening…..apparently we were going to fast!


We arrived, we ate some stairs, we had some hash browns, and then things got real! We were apparently going too fast, had some complaints about some lightning speeds up the stairs, next thing you know….it was a different kind of show up!

Who am I kidding….one of our insanely awesome members showed up while on the job and even dropped in his uniform to do some core! He repped the CPS well.

Tammarathon is back, and after being ill and bed ridden for 3 days after an epic week in Boston, she was even more pumped to see everyone, you could tell with all the extra hugs she missed these humans.

Last but definitely not least, we had a couple new faces show up, one with a little human growing inside her, and already 8 months along, she did stairs, and squats and all I can say, that baby is gonna be all muscle when he arrives (yep, its already know, this future NP member is a boy).

One more thing, as we talked about at the end of our amazing breakfast made by champions, time to get signed up for the North Face Endurance Challenge in September. Here is a link, an you’ll find it on our social media sites over the next 24 hours. http://www.thenorthface.com/en_US/endurance-challenge/park-city-utah/registration/?stop_mobi=yes


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