T-152 days til the Summit (NPSF)

Thankfully no-one lives on the Aquatic Park Pier, as they may have been slightly offput by the 50 or so neon-clad hoodlums screaming like farm animals. The Tribe was in fierce form this morning as we crushed out 30 minutes of a modified Buck/suicides workout! We also announced a little event on the horizon, the 2015 NOVEMBER PROJECT SUMMIT, which we want you all to be at… howling, screaming and racing in your #GrassrootsGear.

On September 26th 2015, tribe members from across the 19 cities will gather in Park City, Utah, where we’ll hang out, we’ll race, we’ll imbibe, and we’ll have a fucking blast all weekend. Similiar to the 2014 NP Summit in Madison and the ECSCA in Marin last December, we’re planning on taking over the Team Relay Event at the North Face Endurance Challenge Utah. Find yourself a team of 2 or 4, and register at the North Face website here. Use our discount code, “NP25UT”, to get 25% off your team entry. If you’re looking to join a team, or have your team ready to go, fill in the details on the all-knowing Google Doc.

To get you hella excited and fearful of severe FOMO, our boys at Dooster Industries put together a highlight reel from last year’s Summit in Madison, WI. Basically we had 2 days of working out…


…of racing…


…and of celebrating said racing and working out…


At the December’s Marin Endurance Challenge, NPSF took the title in convincing fashion. We decided to throw together a video and throw down to the other tribes across the continent. NPSF are coming to Utah. And we’ll be ready to race.


See you Wednesday. PR Wednesday. Alta Plaza. 5:29 and 6:22AM.


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