What happened in Vegas? (Worcester)

We were all half awake in the airport Monday afternoon seeking food, (more) beer, and sleep. Didn’t we just get here? Where did the past 3 days go? We likely all had enough of each other by this point, but at the same time wanted more.

This year, Worcester had over a dozen show up for Summit7, and many of these faces had never been to a summit before. That said, I opened it up for anyone who attended to write a small recap from their point of view, because everyone hears my opinion enough as it is.

I will keep these anonymous, but I think those in Woo will know EXACTLY who wrote these. ( I am laughing about this first one already, I LOVE COPY AND PASTE, and I left a little extra on here for you all ) Enjoy, and save the date for SUMMIT 2020. October 3rd in Minneapolis!


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Sorry I have my period and I’m emotional about this weekend


Las Vegas was my first November Project Summit. I was unsure what to expect outside of a 620am workout and a sweet tag to match my pending new tattoo.

I’ve been reflecting on the entire weekend and my biggest takeaway I think is this: November Project is an opportunity to connect, and people in this community, they race to grab that ring, because they value that connection.

Seeing the logo on a shirt of course feels like an open invitation to finally meet that friend who you haven’t yet met, but it was those without the tag who I felt most compelled to reach out to over the last few days.

Sure, I screamed “Ennnnnnnnnnpeeeeeeee“ like a maniac up and down that 5k course as a hot dog. Of course I felt an intense rush of what I think was my actual heart convulsing into my throat when Heather “World Record holder for Fastest Lady Elvis to run a Marathon” Bray ran by with her escort to the finish line. I was so moved that I had to put my Knockarounds back on my face so I could just happy cry and run.

This weekend we were encouraged to branch out from hanging with our local tribe members to spend time with our peers from different locations. We did this, I did this …. but these people were already sold, we had our connection.

I could see, the group’s collective excitement surged however, when a stranger who never heard of November Project entered our space.
I followed countless unfamiliar and curious eyes track the crisp spray paint stenciled across our chests.

And when their eyes met mine, my first question was “What city do you live in?”

I left Worcester wondering how I would fit into this larger group, when I felt so loyal to my home city? And it is this – we all pay it back to November Project because we want others to experience the joy it has brought each of us. I return to my city feeling happy and confident to send a friend to any November Project workout in the world. And isn’t a stranger just a friend who you haven’t yet met?

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Photo cred: Jody Bailey


First NP Summit 7- 2019, Las Vegas 

Why Vegas, why me? To me NP has been my support, my link to a new community, goals and a new social circle. I decided to go to Vegas to push myself. To travel with friends. To extend my comfort zone. To meet people doing the same and extend my olive branch. To run my first half with a group of people who inspire me. The fitness was there and beyond compare. The intensity was palpable and infectious. The support was high energy and extended from all. More than that Summit was the push to give support and welcome more, to be kind and empower your team, to go just past your comfort zone and know you could go further the next time. To run my first half. Vegas is more than a strip of buildings biding for your attention, NP is more than high energy people, far to fit. For us Vegas was a stunning resort on a lake, full of people there for the same experience. NP is more than a fitness group, it’s support, it’s community, it’s an extension of your better being with bigger goals. Summit was all of these amazing people from all over, with varying careers who came in with the same tone-> you will get exactly what you put in, so put in more. When around like minded people it is easy to get stuck in a rut, a routine, a comfort zone, to stop pushing, to see it socially. Summit was a reminder that you can be better, give more and in turn get more. So tomorrow show up earlier, give another hug, welcome another person, do another rep and tell someone they can do it too. 

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“Waking up to workout with NP has always been the highlight of my week BUT waking up to a World Takeover workout… unbelievable!!! As this was my second Summit in 3 years I had anticipated the energy, hugs, and new friends that I would experience. The workout at Las Vegas City hall was beyond what I had expected.
I came to Summit 7 with my daughter, her best friend, and her mother. Her mother had pointed out that despite what she had already known about November Project, the community and acceptance was clearly present but she has expected that those who regularly attended the Summit events were the elite athletes among each of tribes. She expected the workout to be above her skill level and planned to just observe. She was surprised that even at Summit, NP workouts were designed for every skill level and every age… “it truly is for everyone and even here they accept anyone.”
This conversation truly reinvigorate my own reasons why I have continued to attend the weekly workouts, pop-ups, and why going to Summit 8 will be a priority… it’s not about what I can or cannot do but rather the element of fun that each workout an event offers, putting in my personal effort just falls in place once I am around these people.”

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Photo Cred: Jody Bailey
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