What Are We? Mobile! Agile! Hostile!

I seriously love Remember the Titans. Such a good movie. When I was asked to join the SF leadership all I could think to myself was “cannot replace a Laura McCloskey.”


But just like the Titans played on, so shall we. And man, today was incredible! First of all, I could have gone home happy after we nailed the Remember the Titans bounce. Mitch was ready to hit something afterwards. Thankfully we let him loose on a killer workout and saved some poor guy from a crushing hit from the Left Sideeee (Strong Side!).

But I felt like Coach Boone (Denzel, obvi) this morning. This morning was our training camp. Everyone got on the bus, and chose their roommates (workout partners). There were some side eye glances at who got the best bunkmates (most positive, biggest smiles). We arrived at camp (the bottom parking lot) and unloaded our things. Once we got off the bus we skipped straight into practice (the workout). Up-downs all day (burpee broad jump suicides). I know, Coach Boone is a hard ass. Petey (Pete Kruse) did some questionable stuff and got yelled at.

2016-03-21 07.00.44

After practice though we all turned in and sung Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (skip to 1:27). Great day.


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