Ok so last Monday I had a case of FOMO.  I saw you all getting a kick ass workout l, having absurd amounts of fun and then eating PIE!  And I missed out and it made me sad ( I know you all have felt the exact same way when you choose to sleep in)!

So today I decided we would have MORE PIE!  Just in a different form.  It was kinda like rolling the dice, except we were spinning a knife.  Either way you held your breathe, or actually were probably trying to catch it while your fate was revealed! What exercise to complete? How many reps?  And how far to run?  In all honesty it never really matters because ya’ll are beasts.

These little twists in our workouts are just to make NP different, or maybe better than what you could be doing somewhere else.  These twists are what create confusion, laughs, interactions and the reason we all just keep showing up.  It keeps us going when we get bored or tired, it keeps us young before we head off to our big kid jobs and it keeps things imperfect, which it beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed your second dose of Pie this month! And I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! And truely hope you enjoy our early mornings together, because you can beat your ass I do!!!
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

Put your pie to the side and read:
1) Every Wednesday is at Balboa Park 629am – Get ready for the bunny hop and peeps!
2) Friday April 8th 12:20pm Flash Mob Sebastians Downtown!

3) One more week at Hill st. then off to Crown Point Park

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