Wet Hot Chicago Summer

It was a pretty grey and gloomy morning here in Chi-town. Lots of rain in the forecast, and a severe weather warning. To most, staying in bed would have been the preferred method of existing at 6:28am. Fuck that. Without fail ,one-by-one the tribesters started filing in with their neons and smiles.

We kicked-off National Running Day with a leap-frog style relay across some seriously long baseball fields. Hoistees and mountain climbers broke the tempo, and 300 meter sprints showed exactly how #racingfit this tribe is.

This week Im reminded of the power that this tribe has. No matter whats going on in your life, any tragedy you’re enduring, or how gloomy the sky seems, the Tribe will be here. #therealweatherproof.  Here’s to you El Jefe.

This Tribe is seriously fucking strong

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