We’re Baaaaaack!

It’s Friday morning and we ate fucking hills for breakfast.  I love the Adventure Loop.  It was fun to adventure for a few weeks.  But I love love lovey-love love full hills.  Nothing special, no spice.  Just straight forward: down the front side, back up, down the back side and back up.  And for those of you who love and appreciate the little details like I do, you notice how freaking awesome it feels to swing around that sign at the bottom of the front hill, go past the little triangle median and turn & GO up the hill all the way from the bottom.  You appreciate getting to the top of the hill and having those 7 or 8 steps of blissful flat ground before you’re downhill again.  And the joy of speeding down the back side of the hill, crossing “at the crosswalk,” and that hollow-sounding ping when you tap the pole before heading back up.  They are the little things, but when you haven’t done them in a while because safety takes priority, you tend to notice the little things more.

front hill bottom

Today was a good opportunity to see how all your winter training has stacked up — how many hills did you run today?  You remember how far you’d get on a normal day, or on a good day before all the snow?  I always think it’s beautiful to use a day like today to just see where you’re at.  If today felt like shit for any reason – like maybe because the hill was HUGE and your Fridays have been inconsistent then there’s no need to judge it, just notice it.  Just know that by running the hills today, they will be easier next Friday.  If today felt awesome for any reason – like maybe because you’ve been training hard or the the open road just inspired you, then there’s also no reason to judge it, just notice it.  And remember that feeling so the next time it feels like shit you can imagine it’s today.

Today is the continuation of #JustShowUp #RiseAndShine #FreeFitness #RaceEverything #WorldTakeover.  And like each and every day, it’s the start of something good. The snow keeps melting and we’re baaaaaaack in action on the full hills.

Not important but really important things you want to know even if you don’t want to know them.

TOMORROW: I’m throwing a fucking awesome stadium clearing party tomorrow, Sat 3/14 from 5:15pm – 7:15pm and I’m going out to dinner afterwards at Stonehearth Pizza.  If you want to party with a shovel or an ice chipper and get the damn stadium clean so we can scream WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK as we cruise the stadium on Wednesday, then #JustShowUp and BYOShovel BYOIceChipper BYOFriends BYOKids BYOBadassery BYOSelf.  Or just show up for pizza and beer at Stonehearth Pizza only. I’ll hug you and sit by you but I won’t talk to you unless you help shovel too. (sarcastic straight face implied).

MONDAY: Destination Deck is in the city…near Haymarket Square so find out exactly where and VERBAL your ass off!

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