Burpee Buddies (BAL)

Winter isn’t quite ready to give up just yet, but that really only affects non-NP folks who roll out of bed and can’t find their slippers (the WORST — who likes cold toes?). We may have been a little spoiled on Wednesday, but we have not forgotten how to handle the “Fuck Winter” campaign.

Today, you woke up the sun with blistering hill repeats, tri dips, squats, and push-ups. To make things a little more interesting, each tribemember found a partner and every time you passed that person during your hills you both completed five burpees. #burpeebuddies4lyfe


Good luck to those of you running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon tomorrow – rep that #grassrootsgear hard. If anyone is interested in watching and cheering alongside some other hardcore people, NP_DC will be running a water stop near mile 10 (exact location here).

Make this day a good one.


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