Went for the hashbrowns….


Showed up, and took down stairs for breakfast once again. What was different? Well, not only the workout being switched up, but also our visitors from Winnipeg. Made me realize, this community that has started, this grassroots fitness….thing, well its pretty fucking huge, and awesome! The fact that we can go to 19 different cities and find these groups of people, these communities, these like minded individuals, and work our asses off, and leave with some pretty incredible friends. Can’t really beat it if you ask us, ok you got cheese instead of hashbrowns there.

It was great, recruited 4 more incredible people to join us next week, and to check out Wednesdays. Did I mention the sun came up earlier, and we were in awe of our beautiful city, one more set of stairs just to check it out.

Already looking forward to Wednesday, it will be epic as they always are.



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