Welcome Back! (YEG)

When you’ve been around for just over 5 years it’s only natural to experience flux in the makeup of a community…people come and people go. Of course, we never want people to stop showing up, we truly do miss you when you’re absent, but we know that life can take us in new directions. Whether you move to a new city, are sidelined with an injury, travel for work, or committed to a training plan that doesn’t work with NP, we understand that just showing up might not be possible. We also understand that sometimes you simply need a break or a change in your routine.

What we hope you know is that you can always come back, anytime, whether it’s been a week, a month or years since we’ve seen you in the wee hours of the day. We are still here, welcoming newbies, returnies, and everdayies each morning. It was with a huge smile on my face this morning when I welcomed some people back to the tribe. One who’d been away due to injury and another because they’d moved away and were home visiting family. For me, it was almost like no time had passed. We picked up right where we left off – connecting, sweating and sharing space with this early-morning-fitness-thing that happens 3 days a week. I hope that they felt the same. And that they felt the welcoming, positive, energizing community we strive to foster. 

We approach each morning with a “welcome back” attitude. That might mean welcome back from the weekend, welcome back from holidays, or welcome back, it has been a while. We are simply happy to have you join us.  It is not lost on us that each and every one of you makes a deliberate decision to set your alarm, wake up early, and just show up to build this community and for that, we are grateful! This morning, in the urban dog park, (yes, we have an urban dog park), we welcomed you all back from the weekend with a triple threat workout. Box jumps, upper body strength exercises, laps sprints, and creative tag offs made up today’s 30 sweaty minutes. Thank you for showing up and kicking your week off with us!  

#justshowup 6AM 

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill (we are still collecting clothing and socks for #NPgivesback)

Halloween Week

Plan ahead and get a pumpkin for the workout on Monday, October 29. It will greatly enhance your workout. For those that like to procrastinate, last time we did this, pumpkins were sold out the weekend before Halloween and most people ended up with their best effort at a pumpkin. And in case you’re wondering, watermelons and cantaloupe just don’t quite fit the season. You may also want to hang on to those pumpkins for raceday on Wednesday.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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