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Happy Wednesday! Thanks to you, it is.

Big thank you to Dean for another motivating playlist! And thank you NP Buffalo for a great workout this morning. With the limited ways to connect with other members of the community these days, simply knowing that we moved and sweat through the same exercises can make you feel like a part of something bigger beyond the screen in front of you.

Since NP Buffalo helped us get our day started on the right foot (as well as the left one), we thought it might be nice to point out some neat things about their city. Word of advice: don’t google “facts about buffalo” without adding “New York” after it.

On a completely unrelated note, did you know that buffalo can jump up to 6 feet high, run 56 km per hour, and swim a distance of 1 km?

With some quick formatting to our search criteria, we also learned that Buffalo, NY was the first American city to have streetlights, so that was enlightening. And the air conditioner was apparently invented in Buffalo as well, which is pretty cool.

Naturally, this got us thinking about some weird and wonderful facts about ourselves. For example, those who know Becca may also know that her go-to dance move at any party or social gathering is the worm. They also know that she requires very little cajoling to showcase this skill. Rebecca on the other hand once raced a vulture at an African Lion Safari (what?!). With vulture-racing being the prestigious event that every 6 year old dreams of, Rebecca was understandably under a great deal of pressure and, unfortunately, lost the big race. She cried and has never raced a vulture again. In her defense, there’s nothing wrong with crying after a loss, and the vulture was not a very gracious winner.

I bet you’re wondering how this will tie back to a larger NP-related theme. So are we. Here it comes.

Sometimes knowing these seemingly insignificant facts about our fellow community members may not seem important. But these are also what help deepen the connection that we strive to foster in this weird and wonderful community. Remembering the little details can go a long way, and often opens up a fascinating history that we might never have discovered about a person had we not asked. This week we encourage you to ask someone for that weird and wonderful fact about themselves, and see where it takes you. Hopefully, to a deeper connection with your community (and/or to a really weird conversation about vultures).

Speaking of which, scroll back up to see what it looks like when NP Ottawa tries to take a synchronized group jump shot. Weird and wonderful indeed. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Rebecca & Becca


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  3. Pet a dog.
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