Weekly Wrap (DCA)

Thought about writing the entire blog as a rap. Sorry to disappoint. There’s a lot happening in the District so we’ll just recap all the big news.

SUMMIT: In September of last year, countless members from all tribes gathered in/near Madison, WI for the November Project Summit. Besides being a ton of fun for you guys, we (the tribe leaders) use this as an opportunity to get on the same page and plan #WorldTakeover.

It’s happening again this coming September, this time in Park City, Utah on September 25th. If you want to have a blast of a weekend, consider getting a team together for the marathon relay, signing up with the special NP code (NP25UT) to save some dough, and traveling out West. It will be indescribable (<- seriously, can’t watch this video enough).

#FitterCity: We’ve decided, after some trash talk between us and San Diego, to #RaceEverything and record it. We’re logging our miles biked, run, and walked through Charity Miles, donating to TeamRWB, and throwing down the gauntlet to show that the District is OBVIOUSLY the #FitterCity. All details here.

BRIDGES:  This month’s Friday theme is bridges. Today was beyond fun over at Key bridge and were stoked on the rest of the month. Pay attention to see where we go next.

Tagging: We will be tagging this coming Monday at Meridian Hill Park. All the more reason to #JustShowUp for a Monday workout. Try to limit the number of items you bring. Keep your eye on the horizon for a TAGGING PARTY sometime soon.


SPREADING WILD LOVE:  Self explanatory.

Get on with your bad selves #WeekendEarned

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