The Positivity Award Speaks: Meet Amy. (VB)

Amy has been a constant member of November Project Virginia Beach. She started back when, as she likes to call it “Pledge Mode” aka #NP_Pledge. Before the camera crews, before the large groups, & back when we used to call ourselves Heroic Hearts Project. Amy has been there. The first day I met Amy I knew she had that ‘something extra’ (The red hair may have had something to do with it). Fast forward a couple months later and Amy IS that ‘something extra’. She is my Co-Leader of November Project Virginia Beach and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Amy for all that you do. This is a well deserved #positivityaward.


To the rest of world MEET AMY:


Growing up I couldn’t get enough of sports- whether it was playing third base for my church’s softball team, trying ice hockey for a year in high school, or playing tennis in college- I loved playing sports, any and all.  Having teammates I considered family was what got me through the 6am workouts and long, terribly cold practices in lil ‘ole Rhode Island (yes it’s a state, not Long Island).

Fast forward 6 years out of college and I’m a married, basic betch living in Virginia Beach who loves drinking wine and watching Scandal on my couch.  Woof. Hurts to even write that.

What used to come so naturally to me, I now had to “make time” to workout and stay in shape.  That’s easy if you’re a highly self-motivated person. Not that I’m not, but waking up before work to go running or hit the gym by myself just wasn’t really enough motivation to get out of my comfy bed. There was no accountability.  No one to check and make sure I did my workout or push me to go a little faster.

Then one day I found out about this group of people who were pledging for this thing called November Project. It was at 6am and it was in the middle of winter, but I promised the girl who gave me the info that I would go.

And she had my cell.

Ugh, now I really had to go.

I recruited a friend to come with me and find out what it was all about.

I met a fellow ginger, who seemed to be organizing the whole shindig and I’m digging him and his abnormally excited 6am vibe. (Doesn’t hurt that he played Naughty by Nature Hip Hop Horray for the warm-up jumping portion.) We do this crazy work-out that they dubb “eating stairs for breakfast” and running hills.

Sucking wind the whole time, thinking “man am I out of shape!”, it didn’t matter, I was HOOKED.  It was a ridiculously hard workout but for some reason it was still really fun. Maybe it was the hugs or meeting cool people or jumping around in a circle or maybe I was delusional from just waking up 20 minutes before. Either way, I wanted in.

Week after week I came back, making new friends, spray painting clothes and getting free hugs. These people were it. They were my new teammates and I couldn’t let them down. I would be there 6am every Wednesday, rain or shine or ice.

So wake up and #justshowup because this shit is f*cking good.



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