Weekend Earned (DC)

Pop pop pop,

Happy friday, great smiles were had this am. I had a blast meeting new people, seeing old faces, and turning heads on Capitol Hill.

Quick note: when we were giving our rounds of applause for visitors, Joshua Positivity Grubbs, we also checked in on who turned out M/W/F. Roughly 20% of the hands went up into the air at that point: clap, clap, clap, boom. To all those peeps, fuck yeah, keep doing it big. To the Friday only, Wednesday only people, let’s expand that. The idea behind November Project is building a team, a team that no matter the temperature, the time, the day of week, you just show up and get after it with your friends.

If Meridian is too deep from Capitol Hill, let’s dust off the bikes and cruise up 16th. If you want there to be a 5:30 group M/F, don’t let us stop you. Set the tone for the week and start early morning Meridian. As we get bigger, we want to keep the same tight community vibes, and that starts with continually showing up. Hills, steps, circuits, hype, repeat. Love.


Josh Grubbs, can’t say enough about this guy. You most likely have noticed red T’s with RWB across the chest. Red, White, and Blue is a great organization based on veterans in motion together to build community across our country. Josh has been actively bringing RWBers out to NP  each week for months. These men and women bring an inspiring attitude and dedication that continually gets me running harder, smiling bigger, and waking up with a great sense of purpose. 5:30 Wednesday crew saw some small numbers in January, but Josh and RWB pushed that tribe through the dark cold mornings and into a now thriving summer. We thank you JOSH.

Have a beautiful weekend tribe, we’ve got something special here, keep at it.

Love is mother fucking always,


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