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The days are getting shorter. The number of folks jogging loops around the Charles River in the morning are getting smaller each day. You’re considering long sleeves instead of your shorts and T’s when you step out of the house to find your tribe. Yes, it’s fall. This can be an amazing time if you are dressed properly.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: November Project is #weatherproof. We are going to be out in the early, dark, cold, fun, fast, bad-ass conditions each Monday, Wednesday, & Friday all year around. Our members are excited about doing crazy things in crazy weather conditions but let’s be smart. If you want to make it through winter months healthy make sure that you’re dressed properly. Stay warm, take care of your body, we’re not going to play the roll of your mom reminding you to bring your jacket when you leave the house. (We’re also working on possible cold weather gear awards for Fall 2012 – stay tuned).

WEDNESDAY: Last Wednesday of each month we race the full tour of 37 sections of the Harvard Stadium. This is an all out effort. We’re looking to see people go out hard, race each other, and do whatever it takes (safely) to empty the tank as we all close in on that finish line at the top of section 1. #EmptyTheTank. If you put up your best time (PR) on the last Wednesday of the month we’ll hook you up with a pizza from Stone Hearth Pizza only a few blocks from the stadium.

FRIDAY: The hills are fun! If you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out BIG TIME. Our “ClimbTime” timing style has put us in a smarter position to train and get faster without risking our bodies. As always, we will join hands, we will smile at each other, we will #EarnOurWeekend.

Nice work this morning! Seems like folks like the spice of #MadDash in the #DestinationDeck workout. We’ll continue to please… Happy Monday.

Abby Cange
Adam A
Adam Lamarre
Alan S
Alex Jackson
Alissa M
Amy F
Andrew Ference
Andrew N
Andrew Schwartz
Annie Leahy
Anthony D
Ashley Fierce
Avery F
Brad Blake
Brendan Leo
Brent E
Brittany P
Cassie C
Cassie M
Chad Verry
Chelsea Turner
Corey Duggan
Courtney Kiesau
Davis Vanderlin
Eddie Fleck
Elise M
Elizabeth E
Emily N
Emily O
Erin Kilmer
Erin McD
Erin S
Evan Dana
Hannah L
Hannah M
Hannah Pierce
Holden Sparacino
Jackson Lee
Jake M
Jake O
James C
Jason Hitt
Jason LQ
Jennifer Joly
Jessica Hughes
Joey k
Julia S
Katie Deans
Kay Miller
Kim M
Kreg P
Kristen B
Kristen McIntire
Kristin Shrearer
Kyle M
L Smith
Laura W
Lauren Goodman
Lauren Klinker
Leah Y
Liz Good
Lucia C
Luisa M
Marc Cullen
Marla Perez
Matt Cool
Melissa Hicks
Michal S
Mickey Mouse ?
Mitzi Lin
Morgan B
Nelson K
Nicole P
Oriana D
Paul Dabene
Philip C
Rebeeca Berger
Sara G
Sarah Monet
Sebastian B
Seth P
Slsye Morse
Stephanie Greenstan
Steve C
Steve D
Tai Chi Guy
Thomas VDL
Tim L
Todd Vanderlin
Vanessa Forero
Whitney Kemp
Zac Biesiada
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