Yesterday and all of last night we had thunder, lightening, rain, and HAIL. Yup, it hailed in San Diego. What the hail happened?

I’ll be honest. I wanted the WEATHER to still be happening this morning for the workout. I even wore my winter jacket (thanks North Face) and Erik wore his winter hat.

























But alas, the only water pouring off you today was your own sweat. And sweat you did, ya filthy animals.

And let me tell you, if you skipped today because the threat of WEATHER was too much 1. you are NOT #weatherproof (get on that) and 2. you missed a great fucking morning!

Be happy, be strong, be bright, be #weatherproof San Diego – El Nino is coming after all.

Meteorological Announcements:

1. Better than Bedtime: Sunday, 3:30PM, Ocean Beach Pier, black and white only – MIMES vs NINJAS. Pick a side. Show up, we run, we party. Don’t forget an ID and cash money.

2. BUFFS: you must pay me (Lauren) by next Wednesday 11/11. $15 cold hard cash.

3. Waivers: thank you for continuing to sign these. You guys are awesome. Reminder you can also sign up here.  

4. #MayhemMonday throwback edition week 2: Tourmaline Street Hill. Park on the street if you can (let’s not piss any surfers off) and think throwback outfit for the theme!


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