Burpee Wave

In the ‘real’ world…
Stadiums fill, crowds roar, waves sweep through the crowd!

At November Project…Parking lots fill, we bounce and cheer, Burpee Waves sweep through the ocean and make you sweat!

Today was filled with laughing, funrunning, goodmoning, newhugging, highfiveing, amazinging people. And that is all we have to say about today.

Next week is about our Veterans and current Active Members in our armed forces.

Jeff out helo door
If you are feeling extra motivated, bring a weighted backpack (think 60lbs).
Bring your friends while we salute the amazing people that protect us, represent us, and risk it all for us every week.


Sunday 4:29pm (yes that is not morning time… but it may be dark out)
BIG ROCK URBAN BREWERY & EATERY 310 west 4th ave VancouverTheme: Black and white… yep… make it happen Black and white Be a skunk, a zebra, a penguin, James Bond, whatever.

You folks are Amazing!


and now a word from Mel G.

“You make fun of my belly button, you get to see it!”
“Are you wearing Macartney’s shirt?!” “No, I ordered this from China”
“We are going to start a ‘bellybuttonsofNP’ Instagram account”
“You put your hands behind your back, and you nuzzle your head like so… ” “The new girl looks scared, Graham”
“This is a soft shell crab, THIS is a hard shell crab”
“Here’s comes our comeback…” “Fuck you, puddle!!”
“Now that I healed from the broken toes, surgically removed toe nails…” “Did you keep them?” “Yes, for the Toenail Fairy”
“You’re going to tag the Conservartory..” “With spray paint?” “With your hand”
“Wardrobe malfunction” **ties shoelaces** “Rookie move”
“Run, Brie, Run!” **THUMP** “That’s why you sign the waiver”
“I would rather do 10 more burpees than box jumps”


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