#Weatherproof or #Weatherspoof

It’s November 2015.  Four years after the November project brainchild of Brogan Christopher Graham and Bojan “no middle name cafe” Mandaric came into existence.  One of the reasons they started the project was because it’s hard to get & stay motivated to workout in the cold, dark, harsh winter months here in Boston.

Just like this morning.

Yeah.  Exactly, this morning was soooo dark, cold, and harsh!

But wait.  It was dark… for a little while.  Its was cold… no, not really at all.  And it was harsh… sure, harshly amazing, with the brilliant stars and moon, and then the warm, beautiful sun!  It was actually warm and it’s freaking November!  I’m only going to say this once and hope to hell that Phoenix, as well as Edmonton, Winnipeg, (and the other tribes of that general region we call Canada) don’t read this blog today: I’m not sure if we can talk about being #weatherproof at all until we’re under another 111 inches of snow.  Is this what NP_SD feels like? If so, I’m okay with being a little more #weatherspoof.

It’s incredible to get another day in shorts & tank tops, or no shirts.  No layers needed.  Shit, I needed sunscreen this morning! Another day with super sweaty hugs from people, which we all know get less sweaty as the winter comes on.  It’s just incredible to get another day with this Tribe, in this weird and wonderful, totally free community.  A part of this much bigger grassroots movement.  It’s so good.

What else is good?  Our workout this morning.  We ran Frogman1, which, because of it’s out-and-back design, we overlaped with so much of the tribe during the workout.  I love those days because I get to see not only the people I’m often next to during a regular stadium tour, but all the people who run faster and slower than me too.  Lots of “passing on the right” and supportive hype around the stadium.  Y’all can record your good work on the tracker.

And get ready for:

FRIDAY: we will run hills at Summit Ave.  6:29am.  sure, it’s a normal Friday–no [required] costumes, no [official] PR racing. But really, is there ever a truly “normal” Friday at NP_BOS? #JustShowUp

SUNDAY: Better Than Bedtime.  Turn up for it.  All details here.

Whether we are #weatherspoof, #weatherproof, #weathered, #feathered, #weatheringthestorm, or #stormingthecastle this Tribe is the where I want to be to do it.  All day, everyday.  See you all on Friday.

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