We Miss(ed) You (BOS)

As the writer of a blog, there are times when you wonder if anyone is really reading this. You wonder, “does it make a difference… or am I just sitting here typing for myself?”

I believe the answer is yes, to both of those questions. Yes this blog makes a difference, because some of the November Project world has come to know and count on the blog from Boston coming out every Mon/Wed/Fri–either spouting some report of the badass workout or some thoughtful reflections about what that workout in this community might mean. Sometimes is short and humorous, other times lengthy and deep. And after taking some time away from writing the blog 3x/week while we adjust to virtual NP and personal lives that are far from normal, I can confidently say that yes, this blog is for me too. As a now long-time co-leader of NP_BOS, this blog has become a reliable place to share my feelings about November Project and the vast community of people who attend and are connected. It’s become a place where I reflect on my own experience of the morning, and the experiences of others, and offer a perspective that might just give an extra bit of staying power to the in-person morning workouts. Another moment of meaning, or excitement, or ah-ha that can be inspired by the brief time together, and that continues with you in thought or feeling throughout the day.

And because this time of quarantine, staying-home, protecting ourselves and each other from the threat and impact of COVID-19 prevents us from being in person for workouts, the whole world of NP has changed. Yes, we still have virtual workouts, which are actually pretty freaking awesome, if you ask me. And yes, lots of the NP community is able to connect and get their fitness on while seeing each other over the Zoom screen–which makes it possible to easily have visitors from many different cities. But it’s different, and we can both celebrate the cool things that have already come out of this, while also missing each other and how it used to be.

There are people I think of each day, who pop to mind, who I haven’t seen in weeks and weeks. Who might have been pretty regular regulars during in-person times, but who haven’t been joining virtual workouts. There are people who are doing their own things, or who don’t want to connect through a computer screen. And that’s actually okay. We hope more than anything that everyone is getting what you need–and that just like before–you could show up or not, you could be loud and highly-visible or you could keep more to yourself, all while taking in the vibe that is November Project. And we hope like hell that the vibe–the energy, the hype, the connection, the swell of humans rallying early in the morning to move their bodies for fun, wellness, and togetherness–all of that is still coming at you, regardless of our inability to be physically in-person right now. We hope you’re moving. We hope you’re getting that movement, even if it doesn’t happen early in the morning, but keep the energy of NP keeping you going. Remember that we’re still out there, we’re still showing up for you and for ourselves. So please keep showing up for us, for each other, and for yourselves too.

And please remember that we miss you.

And it’s funny that we used to write blog posts for our friends who said they’d show up to the workout but then bailed or slept in, or just somehow didn’t make it–we’d call those blogs “We Missed You” posts. They’d be filled with inside jokes, friendly calling-out (which just isn’t as fun/cool in the same way anymore), and also the intentional accountability that NP was founded on. That “we said we’d both be here, so you better be here” kind of accountability. That “I’m not just going to ignore it or say it doesn’t matter, because you being here really does matter” kind of accountability.

But right now, the point isn’t to call each other out. It’s actually to call everyone IN. To invite everyone right on in to the core of what November Project was and always will be about–to say there’s a place here where you’re welcome, wanted, and valued. And when we don’t get to physically be in the same space, sharing that wild energy, that weird hype, and that community vibe, we just plain old miss you. Even if we’re looking at each others’ faces on Zoom, there’s something we miss like crazy, and it’s just important to keep reminding everyone that we care and we can still be connected.

AND THIS IS WHY we’re doing things like the Sunrise 6k on Wednesday–to connect us individually to our Boston community, as well as to our larger, global NP community. It’s also why we’re doing things like our weekly NP Boston Challenge, so that we can all get connected even when it’s not 6:30am, even when we are physically far apart, even when we miss each other. So, read up on these two ways to get connected and involved THIS WEEK:

sunrise 6k

There’s a global event for NP, this Wednesday, and all the details are right HERE. Please read it!

And remember these things:

  • This is a storytelling event with a side of running. We don’t actually care about this like a traditional race, we care most about getting as many people involved from as many different NP communities as possible. Your race is entirely up to you, how you do it, why you do it, where you do it, etc.
  • You don’t need a paid account for Strava. We are asking everyone to log your 6k into Strava, which allows you to have a free account, and also allows you to enter your time/distance manually, if you don’t have a GPS device to connect. It’s allllll good!
  • The Sunrise 6k starts within 10 min of SUNRISE! We actually mean “sunrise.” So check the time of sunrise–or know that in Boston, MA on Wed 4/29, sunrise will be at 5:41am–so you have until 5:51am to start your event. We know it’s early. We know it’s hard to get up. But EVERYONE around the NP world will be doing the same thing. The sunrise will unite NP around the globe, and we think that’s pretty cool.
  • Please, just show up.


It’s the second week of a challenge and we’re aiming for consistency! We’re asking you to do the same exercise EVERY DAY for the week. Remember that your community is out there with you, working hard every day too.

  • You pick WHAT you do: Burpees, Pushups, Squats, or Leg Lowers
  • You pick HOW MANY you plan to do each day: 30, 40, 50, or 60. (you can do these all at once or break it up and spread it out throughout the day.)
  • By the end of the week you reach your total goal (210, 280, 350, or 420) of the exercise. You can leave that big number for the end of the week, but if you do some every day, it’ll be easier to finish up!
  • We promise that by attending our Boston virtual workouts, we’ll help you hit your daily totals by including the exercises in the workouts.
  • Post about your challenges! Post every day, or whenever you want, just be sure to tag @novemberprojectbos so we see your posts and use #NPBOS_Challenge and #NP_Continues

Keep showing up, NP. Keep changing the world. NP continues.

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