We looked in to each others’ souls… (YWG)

…And we found pure fucking gold!

Listen people, when it turns to Spring time in Winnipeg people get pretty amped about it, I mean shorts when its 5* C, windows down in the car with the heat still blasting and some other pretty unique and weird shit. All of this is to say that this week was not very Spring-like – so while I hate to accept peoples’ excuses of cold weather, I honestly thought we may see a dip in attendance from our NP_YWG record of 61 people last week. Turns out I was wrong, I was way wrong. When the final count was done, we once again proved that Winnipeggers are awesome, they love free shit and that we love to bond over a little community based fitness, oh and we smashed the attendance record. . . 62 people!

Amie Kristine Staring
Those new to us were quickly initiated into the weird world of Wednesday workouts (btw, I LOVE alliteration) when we made them pair up with a stranger and then look deep into their eyes for 30 seconds. Of course this idea is not new to NP, but it was certainly new to our tribe and boy was it funny! 30 seconds is a long time, it is long enough to see someone’s dreams, their fears, and whether they have any concerning medical conditions such as Horner’s Syndrome or perhaps Amblyopia (sorry Tom has been studying a lot lately…).

Group Hit It

Fully initiated and ready to rock we embarked on a full hour workout that left no body part unattended. Our ‘hit-its’ warmup looked awesome, the dips, push-ups, lunge jumps and stair climb circuit left people gasping, by the time we got to hoisties down by the river, legs were burning people were exhausted, so we hit them up with 10 minutes of burpees alternating with a partner while they ran around a short loop then of course finished with bridge sprints for good measure.

Andrew PA Hug

The positivity award went to a guy who showed up with his fiancé last August and has never stopped coming back. He is the first to jump in for a hug in the morning, he is always wearing a smile – most often while laughing at himself and the discomfort he is in mid-workout. Andrew is one of the people who   makes you glad you became a part of November Project because without it you wouldn’t have met such a stand-up guy. Here’s to hoping he is good at Ultimate Frisbee – Rick and I recruited him for our team this summer. Congratulations Andrew, you deserve this one my friend!

Sarah bridge sprint

Last thing to mention is how sad we are to see Sarah Lesperance leaving the tribe to move out to Calgary, we know she will be in great hands out there, and they are absolutely lucky to have her. Sarah has been a constant since she showed up last fall, she pushes everyone around her simply by working her hardest and being incredibly fit. She recruits better than anyone we have and she represents everything that this tribe is about. Congratulations on the new job and new opportunity. Come back and visit, make sure it is on a Wednesday!

Fuck ya and Go Jets!

Tom and Rick

PS: Don’t forget about Friday’s pop-up workout at the Manitoba Canoe and Kayak Centre located at 80 Churchill Dr. Be there for 6 AM to take part in our Dragon Boat racing workout. You will not want to miss this one!

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