We Know What You Meade

People like to tell you everything that you need in order to have a good life/be successful/be awesome/etc. Some say money, others say knowledge, and the random few swear by eating bacon and twinkies. But we’ve come up with a perfect formula for your life to be great. We like to stress form so pay attention. There are multiple steps:



3. HUG

That’s it. Seriously though, just doing these three things will make you happier and help you live longer, both of which scientifically contribute to success. See it’s all about the hippocampus and yaddah yaddah blah blah blah science science science don’t care. Just trust us.

This morning was incredible. I wouldn’t want to sweat it out with anyone else every single day of the year. Seriously, we do this on holidays, birthdays, you name it. Big shout out to our Minneapolis visitors for their #traverbal follow through (coined here). We worked hard, learned nothing about George Meade, Civil War General for the Union from Pennsylvania won the battle of Gettysburg and nicknamed old snapping turtle, and kicked off our weekend the only right way.

NEXT WEDNESDAY: Above freezing temperatures (what’s that?) will be approaching. Get PUMPED.

MARCH 22ND, 7PM, WHITE HOUSE: #ARCADEMOTORCADE. Tell every single person you see. Friends, coworkers, neighbors, random people you meet in the elevator or on the metro. Tell the Obamas. Tell the freaking MOON. Get HYPED. Get READY. Full details are here.

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