Feeling Right At Home by Nathalya Mamane from BOS

Nathalya is a super positive lady that does her workout before she sends her 4 kids to school. Her vacations are planned to include an NP workout. We are excited to have her as a part of our Boston group. Ladies and gentleman Nathalya Mamane…

A very good friend told me her story about how she managed her transition from her home town to Boston. She explained that the first thing she did was to get a job at The Gap. The Gap??? I asked. Her answer was that when you are part of the The Gap, you are part of a family. Everywhere you go in the country, you will find a store and as soon as you walk in the store, you feel right at home. This story was told to me years ago, but this week, I finally understood what she meant.

I decided, last week to drive my four kids by myself to DC for vacation week. I had a few days in DC and I had to plan my week around making a 6:30am workout with November Project DC. It was non-negotiable, this was the only part of this mini vacation that was just for me. My husband could not make the trip with us, so I was on my own, and I was going to take time for myself.

The plan for me was not so obvious. I was 4 miles away from the Lincoln Memorial and I had to be back quickly after the workout to get back for my kids. So I figured it out; 1. Park my car in a lot 2. Walk to the nearest Bike Share stand. 3. Get a bike and 4. Bike to the location. DONE!

I get up at 5:30am to make sure I make it on time; I was fine and so excited until I hit the road. Panic set in! I won’t know anyone; will I be just another face in the crowd? In Boston, it is home. I may only know like 2% of the people, but it is home. I get there at 6:15am, and I am greeted by two members of the tribe with big hugs along with the two leaders. For the first time since my arrival in DC, I felt right at home!

November 20th was my first time at NP. It was a Wednesday Harvard Stadium day and I was a nervous wreck. I went to the 5:30am group, because I needed to make it back home to get my kids out of bed and off to school. I am a weekly single mom (my husband travels all week and comes home only on weekends). I was not committing to anything, I could not, but I could take it one day at a time.
I first fell in love with the vibe, the cheers the hugs and the show of affection. I pushed myself because people I did not even know, told me to keep going and that I could do it. For every time, my body or my head wanted to stop, someone, told me that I had more in me to keep going. The cheering and the encouragement has taking me places I have never been before. I may not been the fastest or the strongest in the tribe, BUT I so aspire to reach new heights and to inspire other moms like me who feel like they could never do this.

I turned 40 the week after I started, and for so long, turning 40 for me, was the beginning of the end. New aches, new pains, would start to show up and I wanted to stay young and healthy for my kids and for me. Since I joined November Project, I have found my new home in my world of stress, work, routine and so on. In all the time I curse for the sores I feel after a workout, I still find ways to feel like I have found my place to be who I always wanted to be; an inspiration to my family, friends and most importantly my kids.

Nathalya's kids waiting for her to cross the finish line at SuperSunday 5 miler
Nathalya’s kids waiting for her to cross the finish line at SuperSunday 5 miler

I have been married for 18 years, I have 4 kids and most of the time, I am a single mom juggling work and home, dinners and laundry, homework and projects, kids’ emotional good and bad days. I have my home with my family, I can always go home to my parents, and now, can say that when I show up at November Project anywhere I am also right at home.

I weathered the rain, the snow, the slush and the sub-zero degree mornings. NP for me is my drug, my healthy drug and for each time I miss an NP morning workout, the withdrawal lasts through the next day. I plan my days and nights to get up and show up and like the hundreds other members who just like me wait for welcomes, the hugs the moment to get our asses kicked, we do it all because for that moment we are all home!

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