We Call That “Active Recovery”


Hysterics aren’t supposed to permeate the amphitheater toward the end of our workout, especially not on PR day. This is supposed to be fierce, difficult, painful; it’s why we snap our group photo with straight(ish) faces. And yet, there you were, laughing at our useless attempt to break you with partner sets following a grueling PR workout.


  • Nick’s Run was certified gold. We had a smashing time both during and after the race. Congrats to Maria and Sheri, who swept the podium in the women’s double challenge (10k + 5k).
  • The Phoenix Marathon/half/10k is this weekend! Check the Cactus Lounge if you want to get a cheer station together. Good luck to our runners!
  • Wisconsin is apparently known as the beer capital of the U.S. I don’t buy that one bit.
  • October 16: mark it on your calendar. We’re taking over the Craft Classic half marathon and 5k. Use code: NPPHX for a nice discount! Not available that weekend? Our code also works for the Craft Classic on July 17, in San Diego.
  • Actually, don’t sign up for the SD race. JULY 15-17 IS NP SUMMIT 4.0 IN BLUE MOUNTAIN, ONTARIO, CANADA (outside of Toronto). If you couldn’t make it to Utah last year, you NEED to get out to the Great White North. Get your passport ready, get your party hat readier. We’ll be running the North Face Endurance Challenge and engaging in general shenanigans that weekend. Use code NPON25 for 25% off the race, and start collaborating with people from our and other tribes to AirBnB a giant house to crash.

The champ fell today. Maria was finally usurped. This might be the first time she failed to defend her PR title. Our new champion, Annie, has some big shoes to fill. Luckily those shoes go well with a bolo tie. On the men’s side, Nick continued to kill it, picking up his third bolo.


But let’s get back to that laughter. Prior to every workout, Jackie and I get together to plan the week. You might think we take PR week off, but nay. As you witnessed, we still manage to throw in something extra to spice things up. I honestly thought we had the perfect plan to break the tribe, but my hubris was quickly shattered. Apparently coordinated partner workouts have a positive effect on the tribe. Well, the glee was infectious. Way to crush your PR and #earnyourweek.




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