We Are All Wet Rats (NYC)

Written by guest photographer of the day Alison Feller.  She is pretty good at photos, maybe she should switch professions. 

Today was PR Day, which means eight grueling Mansion loops. In honor of each loop you fearless warriors completed, here are eight important things that happened at today’s 5:28 and 6:28 workouts.

  1. Coach John and #PaulLeak enlisted the very shy (JK), very quiet (def JK) Wally Buck to lead the 5:28 bounce. She screamed, she shouted, she got us psyched, and just as we were fully amped, she stopped, said, “Whatever,” and just kind of walked away. Something about it was amazing. Like, “Yeah I led the bounce, NBD. Let’s fucking run.”
  1. The rain started coming down hard just in time for the 5:28 group to line up and take off for their mansion loops. It stopped just in time for the 6:28 workout. That is why the early group looked amazing, and the later group looked dry.
  1. There were three newbies today: one at 5:28 and two at 6:28. Yay! Welcome to November Project! Isn’t it weird? They introduced themselves by squatting and telling us all fun facts about themselves between squats. To the newcomer who [unprompted] shared, “I’ve been to three Celine Dion concerts,” we especially welcome you. You’ve found your people, and you’re going to fit right in here. (And seriously, the crowd went wild.)
  1. This prompted Coach John to blast timeless Celine Dion hits for the duration of the 6:28 workout. If trying to PR to the sweet sounds of “My Heart Will Go On” doesn’t get you psyched and speedy, I don’t know what will. (Yo seriously. Give it up for Celine and her power of love, and her power to motivate.)
  1. We were treated to the official release of “Hello NP,” by JOHN, INSERT THEIR NAMES HERE. This original twist on the classic Adele jam includes such genius lines as, “Hello Carl Schurz Park…we always see you in the dark.” And again, the crowd went wild! To the brainchildren behind this lyrical masterpiece, thank you. Impressive work. (And yes, it’s been stuck in all our heads since the workout.)
  1. We won the New York Road Runners Team Spirit Award! This didn’t happen at the workout, but we got to see the pretty glass trophy, which isn’t quite as fancy as the Positivity Award AKA a stick of wood, but it’s still nice, and very pointy. Hugest shout-outs and thank yous (and hugs and smiles!!!) to Myles for making the official November Project NYRR team a thing that exists, and for encouraging us all to join, race our hearts (and guts) out, and support one another. The NP family goes beyond Wednesdays and Fridays, and that’s a beautiful thing.
  1. A RAT RAN IN FRONT OF THE 5:28 GROUP AS EVERYONE WAS POSED FOR THE END-OF-WORKOUT PHOTO AND IT WAS TERRIFYING. But like…classic New York City. Someone (totally not me) screamed “SQUIRREL!” and that person has probably been away from nature for too long. This was a slick city rat, and though it seemed a little scary at first (like when it took off on a mad dash up and down the stairs, completely traumatizing everyone arriving for the 6:28 workout), I like to think the little rat was just there to join our cool community. I think this rat, slightly damp from all that rain, saw all the people hugging and working really hard together and thought, “I’m down, this is my #verbal, just tell me where to run.” And so the little guy ran and ran in circles around the huddled 5:28 group, just trying to find some friends and someone with whom to play nose goes. Really, aren’t we all the #NP_rat, trying to find our compliment squat buddies?


FRIDAY: Borough Hall, Brooklyn. 6:28 a.m.

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