Way Back Wednesday (BAL)

Today we rocked workout old-school. Maybe not by the type of music we listened to (“Turn Down” is definitely aged the last few months, maybe?) or the gear we sweated through (#grassrootsgear is ALWAYS in style). But we DID throw workout back to THE stairs *insert heaven gates opening ahhhhh here.*


With Nick being all French and cheese-like in Denver for the World Lacrosse Championship (hello to a different red-white-blue), Pat and I wanted to make tribesmembers sweat, even more than usual. And that they did. So much so that hoisties became nearly impossible and clothes almost unnecessary. It was THAT kind of morning.

3 full sets of Fed Hill Stairs. 3 cannon workouts: tri-dips, hoisties, squat jumps. 3 runs in a full field suicide, with your ever pleasant push-ups, mountain climbers, and burpees along the way. 1 cool down lap. Rinse & Repeat. With a little ending dose of Sally: we had all missed her and it was time she came out to play.


And HELLO NP models! Who knew we had the best looking Baltimoreans & #bestasses each and every NP morning? Oh that’s right, WE did.


Big thanks to KIND Bar Tim & Amy H for taking these lovely photos, now our secondary #NP_BAL shooters! And additional shoutout to Amy for winning the positivity award this week!

I love you. I already miss you. I’m counting down the days until next Wednesday.


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