Waving from afar

Ok, so this morning was so awesome. The brilliant morning sun. The slightly milder temp. And friends waving at one another from the top and bottom of the river valley- while on our 6:35am zoom call. All epic.

Friends, we’re well into week 2 of this month’s #getoutside challenge!

Here’s how your team is doing:

As of Monday, May 10!

Look at what we’ve collectively done already! We’re only partway through week 2 yo!

Nice work. 🙂

As I’m just diggin all the new things you’re finding out about each other on your small #togetherbutapart teams. Here’s a few that made me smile over the course of the past week:

  • 2/3 of us have neighbours with purple doors
  • Trudy has a dog, Janine has 2 cats (one named Harley), Meera’s favorite color is purple.
  • Personal bests today by a team member!
  • Jason is a fast runner.
  • We seem to pick training spots with lovely backdrops!

I can’t wait to do stuff like this again. And hugs.


  • A tagging day will happen sometime in May. Stay tuned.
  • If you’re not on a team for May’s #getoutside challenge, don’t sweat it. Just do the workout, join us on zoom, and submit your distance + reps. You’re always in. Team or no team (and you’re always on the team).



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