Watch Out World (WOW)

WOW…shit is going down in Boston.  Capozzi and I are off to MOM (the Meeting of the Minds) for ALL the NP co-leaders around the world, thanks to our friends at The North Face (TNF) and Watch Out World (WOW) the babysitter co-leaders are now in charge.

To recap: EMC is headed to CA for MOM, powered by TNF.  The funny, fun, outrageous duo of Britto + Eric Klawiter, which I’m gonna call #BrittoWiter is in charge.  So WOW.

All social media coming out of @novemberprojectbos for the next several days (until Monday) will be at the hands of #BrittoWiter.  Have fun with that…we know we will.

And while your regularly-scheduled Boston co-leaders are boosting our leadership at MOM–we want all of you to show up to Friday at the super special 5:30am AND 6:30am workouts at Summit Ave. in Brookline.  And then show up to Monday when we’ll be back, with a little co-leader hangover like we went to summer camp in the mountains outside San Francisco, and we’ll be excited to see you all!

REMEMBER our normal PR day will be postponed until next friday.  Again, July #PRhills will be 7/20.

For everyone who raced today in the stadium, #raceman is no fucking joke and while it only made one dude throw up today, we give big props to everyone who threw down and let the speed fly.  We don’t (and can’t) do this shit alone, so let’s enjoy the power that is this community for making us faster, fitter, and for helping us have more fun.

And to DJ Phoenix, your 5 years at NP has been glorious and so very appreciated.  We know you’re moving away and you’ll definitely be back often, but Boston will NOT be the same without you–your beats on PR day, your smiling face, your incredible positive energy.  You’re the best and we love you.

Peace out Boston…we’ll see you on Monday morning.  Hold down the fort while we’re gone!


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