July #RecruitEveryone Challenge (GR)

As you know, we’re in the heat of our July #RecruitEveryone CHALLENGE. This month we want focus on bringing in new folks and spreading everything GOOD about NPGR. Our motto for the year is Actify GR. We want to bring the city together through movement and early morning FREE FITNESS.

Now you may be thinking, but Matt, I can’t get anyone to come. No one wants to wake up so early and my friends don’t like working out. As much as Yoshi and I stand up to BS excuses, we know that some (a limited few) have legitimate reasons for not coming. That said, just because someone hasn’t joined us yet, doesn’t mean they never will.

I have a confession. When I first heard about November Project Minneapolis, I wasn’t sold. It was too early (it’s really not), it wouldn’t fit with my work schedule (it could if I made some adjustments), and that large group of neon-clad athletes was slightly intimidating (not untrue – MSP has some killer athletes, but they’re all super nice). Luckily, my friends who were involved with NP didn’t give up on me. Slowly, I warmed to the idea of waking up early and after a couple months of watching the facebook page, I told Heidi that I’d show up only if she promised to be there. Fast-forward a few hundred workouts and here we are today.

I get it. It’s not always an easy sell. Yes, it’s FREE, but that’s not always enough. We each have lives. Fears. Doubts. But, the best part about November Project GR is we will be here when you’re ready to take the leap. And we will be here for you through life’s ups and downs. That’s what #weatherproof and #justshowup are really about.

So our CHALLENGE to you: 

Think about what November Project means to you. Think about what value it adds to your life. Think about why you keep showing up at 6:01 AM. As you go through your day/week, think about all the people you come in contact with and share NP with EVERYONE, but focus on two people who you think could benefit from NP. Whether it’s the free fitness, encouragement, hugs, or just the positive vibes.

Make a goal to support them, encourage them, and make sure that they attend the August 1st workout. We’d LOVE for you to recruit many more, but at the least, make sure those two people are there. We can make this world better, one sweaty morning at a time.

Oh yeah, we’re also giving away a bunch of sweet North Face gear at the August 1st workout and have a goal of BREAKING 100 people.

We’re glad you’re here. Thanks for growing this movement with us.


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