Was It Something We Said? (YEG)

Today was one of those days when you wake up, look at the weather and are completely shocked? Did we really drop close to 30 degrees in two days? Did we say something to piss off Mama Nature? Who jinxed us?

It didn’t feel that cold. It didn’t seem that dark. It didn’t even feel lonely. It didn’t stop any of you from showing up today. In fact, we had some newbies (You might not put up your hand when we ask, but if you’re tall enough, we’ll spot you).

I have come to the conclusion that Mama Nature was doing us a favour. I have spent the morning conducting extensive research into my hypothesis, and am proud that I am able to report on my findings. She wanted us to keep Old Man Winter occupied (the real OMW, not Owen). OMW is taking a lot of heat (get it?) from people these last few days and needs some smiles. It’s a good thing we’re a smile factory. He’s going to miss us for the next 5 months and is trying to hang on to us as long as he can. OMW, if I could give you a hug, I would.

The tribe is winter.

We will throw up Monday’s location on twitter at tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget about April 25th, which is our next social event at MEC. Mark it down.


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