Meet Molly, Know Molly, Help Molly

If your house ever burned down would you come to the workout the next day? The next week? The next month? If answers is NO to any of those questions, you’re name is not Molly Blumberg. The winner of today’s coveted #PositivityAward keeps coming to the workouts even though the clothes she’s wearing are borrowed and the couches she’s sleeping are in her friend’s living rooms. Molly is unstoppable. Her love for the tribe is undeniable, her commitment irrefutable, and now the tribe will step up and help Molly in the time of need. If you have a spare room/couch for her to crash on, or you want to help her in any other way, get in touch with her via email, facebook or find her at the workout. #TheTribeIsHelpful


On Monday we’re meeting in Cambridge – Cambridge Common Park to be specific. If you’re planing on wearing your brand new jacket or pearly white running pants, you may want to leave them at home as your body will be touching the ground at some point. #WeekendEarned

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