Letters Home (DEN)

Dear Elin Flashman of November Project Boston,
The last time we spoke you said that the Denver tribe needed more ‘weird.’ As more and more eclectic humans join the 5280 tribe each week, our crockpot of personalities is simmering, the flavors seeping together, yet each unique taste is bold.

I don’t know if it was the gift of awkward squats that Tim from 608 brought last month, or the collective viewing of Brian Boitano’s 1988 Olympic long program at the Recruiting Papers/Team Dinner event last nite, but the tribe is starting to transcend the workout norms that they once followed and buy in to the awkward joys of working out intimately with people they just met.

Today, I gazed deeply into Babe’s blue eyes as we bounced through 10-reps of awkward squats. The Rump Shaker added some booty knocking to her squats, engaging Mass General Molly and Wholesome Woodwhole (SP?) into a juvenile sway that would slay most Denver dance floors. Meanwhile Picante NYC, Benny the Yet, and Country Grammer lapped the hill and shredded through Governor’s Park. Pennie balled, Johnny Chia wore slacks, and NDubs craved extra pushups, while Nicole, Christina, Megan, Bearded Troy, and Rishabh all anxiously await their nickname appointments.

The tribe is unique,

Notes: Saturday road trip run on Magnolia Drive in Boulder. 16-mile (scalable) run. Carpool leaves 8:30AM from Lieutenant Dan’s (21st & Gilpin). Dress warm and bring nutrition for during the run.

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One Reply to “Letters Home (DEN)”

  1. Dan,

    I won’t address you.  Instead I address your sweaty underwear if you have any,

    Thank you for helping keep November Project a little weirder, awkward and intimate.  I hope to someday join your tribe and get sweaty and dirty, perhaps lead a spank hallway or perhaps awkward acrobatics like the other day when I tried to pick up a girl at a bar literally and have her superman on my shoulder and instead ended up in a standing 69.

    On that note,
    I love you man and I love your tribe a little more now.

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