Silent Squiggly Ninja Hills

If the goal this morning was to shut the F up and get a badass hill workout in without anyone calling the cops, then maybe we approached this all wrong. Granted, to the best of our knowledge we were successful, but when 75 some odd people gather on a dimly lit street corner in a residential neighborhood at 6:30am wearing head to toe black spandex (including face masks), it suddenly dawns on McClayton that while we may avoid a noise complaint, we probably just jumped up a few notches on the FBI’s watch list. You’ll notice I already assume we’re on the watch list to begin with… Point being, please keep a keen eye out for any suspicious men in suits following you around over the weekend.

DSC_0027 (1)

Thanks for coming out this morning! And thanks for keeping the volume down. Way to #earnyourweekend.

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