Wake up we need to do burpees (YWG)

Wisconsin notes: Late blog. Way late. Like a day late. Bridge Challenge is back. Judy inspires us all and is absolutely positive, every week. Start bringing #grassrootsgear to be tagged, especially on PR day at the end of  March. Race day April 3rd, sign up or #justshowup. Thanks Jen for the blog title hashtag idea.

Yesterday saw the return of workouts in the dark (thanks to daylight savings) and the Bridge Challenge. I love the Bridge Challenge. You’re racing the clock, you’re racing your friends, you’re racing your previous times, all while encouraging people you pass or get passed by, sprinting from one end to the other. It’s as hard as you decide to make it. Sometimes your run across the bridge to do the next workout is a recovery run because those 30 box jumps absolutely destroyed you. Sometimes you’re trying to catch the person in front of you so it’s an all out sprint to the other side, and then it’s 30 burpees. Then you do it again. Hugo came up huge with a hella fast time, he’s been secretly training on the side and came back to NP like ‘What’s up? I’m back.’ Quite a few of you finished before the 30 minute mark. Time to bring back the third level of Bridge Challenge.


This was my first workout as the solo leader, I was stressed and flustered, but the tribe came through and helped out, like when I forgot about the group picture at the end and everyone started to leave, then I forget who shouted out ‘Group picture’ and made me feel like an idiot, but I appreciated it. I’m just grateful that it was yesterday and not today, with five centimetres of wet snow on the ground. My weather dance paid off.


Everybody point at Judy. This is Judy. She’s awesome.

Judy started showing up to November Project Winnipeg when she saw her neighbour, Christina, leaving the house early in the morning every Wednesday and asked her where she was going. Christina recruited (as you should) and Judy has been coming ever since. She has been coming since July 1st last year and has been showing up consistently. She was telling me she never ran much, but November Project has given her the motivation to get into it. Judy shows up every Wednesday morning with a huge smile on her face, so genuinely happy to be there, and hands out hugs like it’s her job. She’s supportive, generous and joins in on the NP breakfasts and post workout coffees. She’s become a big part of November Project and we are so pumped she comes. Hope to see her out to do her first race on April 3rd!



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