Every Damn Day (DEN)

Sometimes we all take things for granted. We get used to consistency, but sometimes inconsistency walks right up to you, stares you right in the eyes menacingly, and slaps you right across the face. You stagger backwards, then stand there dazed. You wonder what the hell just happened. How could it happen? This has never happened. It’s not supposed to work like this!

That’s how I started to feel this morning.

For the first time since I’ve started leading, the 5:30 group looked like this…

DSC_0002Seriously… it was just me and Luna.

I get it… no sun from daylight savings… unexpected snow storm… planned workout on the stairs… not an ideal combo. I’m not even mad about it. But it did get me to thinking. The SarMajeral always guarantees a workout. We’ll always be here for you every Wednesday and Friday morning. But that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always be here to drink the cool-aid join the workout. You’ve got a life outside of November Project. That life stuff is more important than waking up for a 5:30 workout in the snow. Don’t feel guilty about that… Sometimes we don’t want to be there at 5:30 in the snow either. But we promised you that we will be, so we fucking will be.

I guess what I’m saying is, “Thank you!” By not showing up you’ve helped me remember just how lucky I am to spend my morning with y’all when you do show up! But don’t you dare not show up to “give me another reminder.” (cough Rishabh cough) Every day you show up it’s because you’ve made a decision to be here with us. I love all of you for making that choice as often as you can.

I can’t forget about those people that did brave the snow to show up this morning! Tyler even biked in! I had a blast this morning dancing with our new statue friends, and it was all because of you! For our small, intimate workout this morning while the rest of the world slept in, thank you!

Y’all have a beautiful weekend!

WED: Capitol Building Steps

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Dog Tax
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