Wake Up and High Five like a T-Rex (BAL)

Written by the one, the only: Nick Rod

I will start by saying this…

Yes, we ripped off NP Madison’s workout. Do Ted Gurman and Pat Bauch deserve credit for it? Absolutely not. I’m only acknowledging them because they were a kind host to the NP Co-leaders in Madison. Under normal circumstances I will continue to deny that Teddy “Testosterone” Gurman has anything but terrible ideas. Ted is the worst. Pat Bauch is still very good looking.

That being said, Pat, Sydney and I had a wonderful time in Madison being cold, eating cheese and loving our fellow co-leader. We came home (hopefully better leaders) knowing that our tribe kicks fucking ass and wanting to work as hard as ever to make NP the best part of your week.


Today’s workout was the first step in that direction. We threw some cards down, raced some steps and adamantly denied that our workout had come from anywhere other than our own heads. We introduced an armless hug (also our own idea) and probably scared away any newbie with 600 yards. (If you’re a newbie…we love you and promise next week will be less weird. Actually, sorry, I can’t promise that). Thank you to Julie for bringing birthday cookie’s for Meghan…Pat stole all the cookies and is now the Birthday Grinch. Congratulations to our girl Chris on winning the positivity award. Crushing two workouts today was intense but the positivity you bring is truly what makes you a winner.

My final point and hope is that you all recognize that November Project is a massive wonderful movement intended to make all of our lives better. Every morning you wake up and you commit to NP is a small step towards making the world just a little bit better, a little bit happier. We don’t have all the answers but we know that hugging your neighbor and telling someone they’re fucking beautiful just works. Some days the workout might kick your ass, some days you might dominate…but the act of waking up, showing up and hugging someone just because they are there is your contribution to a better world.

To those that weren’t there this morning 3,014 is the number. 120 participants at a single workout is our personal goal (I challenge you all to 130) but 3,014 is our connection to all of the other tribes. 3014 is not just a number we want to brag about. It’s a goal for our communities, for our world. The more people that can wake up and get to feel even the tiniest dose of love the better.


So help us recruit! If you love NP, if you love making the world a more positive place, if you love reaching out and saying “ You’re fucking amazing” for no reason other than you can….well tell someone about it. You never know when showing up might be the most important decision someone makes.

Excuse my ramble, but we love you all and could not be more excited for the future. NP_BAL is going to do great things! We already are.

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