Waivers (YEG)

No one knows what the next few months and years are going to look like, but regardless of when we come back there will always be constants at NPCan.

6am start times, a bounce to start the workout, smiles and encouragement, a place to learn and grow, a workout that will always provide a challenge, and a community of awesome people.

Oh and waivers….those too haha. I don’t mean to diminish waivers, they’re important, but you know the other things are more…importanter. When it is safe for us to return to in-person workouts one thing that will have to happen is everyone will have to re-sign the new global waiver. While it has been around for a while it will be a new process for our city. I don’t have any details to share about what the waiver process will look like when we can meet in-person again, but for those reading this blog what you can do is sign it beforehand. If anything, I think that it is important for you to read the waiver. Which can be found here:


I am not a lawyer and the document is written for a global audience (lots of governments have very different legislation from Canada) but if you have any questions about this waiver, please reach out Lazina and I to talk about it. If we don’t have an answer we’ll reach out to corporate and get one. This is a learning process for everyone.

Great work to everyone who completed this week’s #VirtualVists. Philly reminded me how hard doing a hundred of anything is (seriously jumping jacks can be so hard!), Vancouver had my glutes firing for the rest of the day, and Amsterdam makes me think that I missed my calling as a professional superhero pose model haha. Oh and Beyonce is definitely added to the music themed workout playlist :).

I hope you have been enjoying the hot again rainy again weather and we’ll see you on Friday over zoom at 6:35am!

Keep being awesome,


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