Workout Updates for Boston

It’s Friday and so much is happening in the world of NP Boston workouts, we figured it was worth writing a new blog with all the info (also reflected on the website) but accessible in this format too.

We’ve got some changes to workouts (Mondays!) and some updates for others (Fridays), and news about yet others (Virtual/Zoom) to flag for you all. Here you go…

Monday Workouts

Starting on June 28th (just over a week from today), NP Boston will start holding Monday workouts in one location with one group. The location will resume the “roving” status–it will change each week and the location will be announced/posted the Monday prior. This is a change from the multi-location, small-group workouts we’ve been holding weekly since October, but we won’t be forgoing those multi-location, local “small-group” feels all together. Because we’ve really seen and felt the value in small-group connection and the increased ability to get to know others at those workouts in the last several months, and because we see and appreciate that sometimes it’s simply easier to get to NP when it’s happening in your neighborhood but you can’t go when it’s across town–we will hold multi-location, small(er) group workouts on the last Monday of each month, starting in July.

We have been SO very grateful to our handfuls of “local leaders” who have stepped into roles of responsibility to show up consistently, connect to Zoom, host & facilitate the workout that we (Emily & Capozzi) have designed, take and share group photos–and to be those incredibly important sources of NP for so many people to attend small groups for the last 8 months. AND we want to give those members of the community the opportunity to sleep in, to “just show up,” and to feel the familiarity of Mondays at NP that we love, even though we have come to love the small group workouts too.

So for now, we’re aiming to strike a balance between the “one location, one group” and the “multi-location, small group” workouts, for the connection, for the “NP vibe” felt in that wacky mob of people showing up to random locations in the city, and for greater simplicity after more than a year of complex adaptations to a pandemic that we just had to figure out how to work with/around/through.

AND we will continue Virtual/Zoom workouts…so always know you can keep joining there if you’re not able to show up in-person.

To recap, Mondays for the next several weeks will be like this:

  • June 21th, 6:30am: multi-location, small groups (sign up here) or Zoom
  • June 28th, 6:30am: one location, one group* OR Zoom
  • July 2nd, 6:30am: one location, one group* OR Zoom
  • July 9th, 6:30am: one location, one group* OR Zoom
  • July 16th, 6:30am: one location, one group* OR Zoom
  • July 23rd, 6:30am: one location, one group* OR Zoom
  • July 30th, 6:30am: multi-location, small groups (sign up here) or Zoom
    • *see our Linktree account for location posted the preceding Monday

Wednesday Workouts

We are now holding in-person workouts in Harvard Stadium at 6:30am (only one workout time offered, due to the stadium not being unlocked at 5:30am). Read more details about parking and the return to the stadium in this blog.

Friday Workouts

We will continue with our 2-hill location Fridays, and as of next Friday will be moving to our next “roving hill” location. It works like this: every single Friday we will meet at Summit Ave in Brookline, the long-time Friday hill location of NP Boston. AND, we will also meet at a second hill somewhere else in the greater Boston area, in order to explore new spaces for fitness, to build more community and connection in other areas of the city, and to hopefully spread the culture of positive, kind, free fitness both while we’re there for 6 weeks, and beyond when we move that second location to the next hill.

From June 25 – July 30, 2021 our two locations will be

Summit Ave, Brookline. Meet up right HERE

Dorchester Heights, South Boston. Meet up right HERE. There will be a hill tag available (only the hill tag, not NOVEMBER PROJECT tags, since Grassroots Gear tagging will resume on the last Wed of the month in the stadium, starting June 30.)

Ongoing locations will be announced at workouts and on social media, but will always be updated on our website right HERE.

Virtual/Zoom Workouts

We are continuing our Zoom workouts in order to keep that virtual connection and community going–which is strong as heck!! We’re very excited to have Erin Keller (IG @proprunner) who will be the official NP Boston virtual workout leader for Mon/Wed/Friday workouts. Erin has been a super consistent and active member of NP Boston throughout the pandemic and is really excited about being able to funnel her awesome energy into the virtual fitness vibes, which any and everyone can feel by logging in when not joining NP Boston in person. 6:32am!

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  1. Im in NYC and love to do your virtual Monday workout but can not find the new link??? or have they ended?

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